Mirror Me Booth combines an alluring design with interactive entertainment to bring your guests an unrivaled photo booth experience.

How does it work?

When guests approach the mirror, a colorful animation appears and prompts them to touch the mirror, once touched, the mirror takes them through a magical journey that results in an amazing photo favor.

While guests take their photo, the mirror compliments them, taking them step by step through a series of fun, interactive prompts. In the end, Mirror Me booth produces a fun party favor picture of the guests involved.

That’s it, simple!

Your guests can interact with the mirror including (but not limited to):

  • Drawing funny images on the mirror.
  • Signing their names

You can also have a fun screaming contest with friends that becomes a printed party favor.

The Mirror Me Booth built in technology uses both touch and gesture detection, allowing users to have an interaction with the mirror.

Check it out!